Vizio M602i-B3 LCD/LED HDTV Specs

Dimensions (WxHxD, Inches): 53.6 x 33.4 x 10.4 (with stand); 53.6 x 30.9 x 2.3 (without stand)
Weight (Pounds): 53.7 (with stand); 46.4 (without stand)
Video Inputs: HDMI 1.4 (4), component video/composite video (1), RF
Audio Inputs: Stereo RCA (1)
Other: Ethernet (1), USB (1)
Audio Outputs: Stereo RCA (1), optical digital audio (1)
Price: $1,250

Company Info Vizio
(877) 698-4946

(877) 698-4946

gtgleeson's picture

I'm considering the 55-inch version for a kitchen area - the low-glare screen would be useful. How is the off-axis picture quality?

Al Griffin's picture
About average. You could sit about 20° off from center-screen before you'd notice contrast beginning to fade.
breakdancefightst's picture

How is the motion on this display. Since it employs a VA panel black levels and native contrast are normally impressive,but motion has never been a strong point. Did you notice any substantial overdrive trailing?

Al Griffin's picture
No, motion was fine.
notabadname's picture

I would be going Vizio had they not dropped 3D. I have a lot of 3D titles, and many continue to be released. Vizio is not for me now without that option. I understand why many dislike, but that doesn't change the fact many of us do, and there are many titles out there in 3D. I don't want my TV to dictate my choice, when Samsung, LG, Toshiba, Sharp and Sharp give the ability. Do I want to watch all my regular programing in 3D, heck no, but do I enjoy movie night, Like "Pacific Rim" in 3D? Oh yeah. Sorry Vizio, I've gotta buy somewhere else.

vgiovanniello's picture

I have read that 240 hz refresh rate for the M series is not accurate. Is there a lot of motion blur when watching fast action sports like football? Will the football flicker when it travels through the air? I am about ready to purchase this set in the 65" size but I am very concerned about the bad motion blur during football games. Thanks!!

EdL's picture

The perceived value (price) are enticing... This set was all good for about 6 months, then the intermittent freezing. Vizio replaced the main board, but a few months later it returned only to be followed by ghosting. Vizio required pictures that were hard to capture - because the problem is intermittent. Problems reported during the 1 year warranty period that are photographed 2 months after the warranty expired, are met with a we're sorry your warranty expired, but we can give you a good deal on another set or you can pay for your own repairs.

If you buy one please, please purchase an extended warranty.