The Ultimate Plasma with a Price to Match

Bang & Olufsen (B&O), known for their killer designs, makes their 103" plasma TV available in the United States. The Beovision 4-103 is one of the largest TVs on the market. What makes the Beovision 4 stand out from all the others is that special B&O touch. The motorized floor stand lifts the TV from it's position near the ground, when you are ready to view movies or TV. By resting the TV inches from the floor, it becomes less prominent in the room when not in use, according to the B&O press materials. However, I'm not sure how a 103-inch TV is not prominent, no matter where in the room it is located.

When the TV is turned on, the screen elegantly elevates itself to an optimal viewing position, and the integrated BeoLab 10 center loudspeaker emerges from underneath the screen and moves forward until it is flush with the front of the screen. The screen also turns and tilts according to the user’s preferences. When the TV goes into standby mode, the process is repeated in reverse.

The frame is made from high-grade aluminum and, surprisingly, thin for its size. The TV incorporates a range of technologies to improve picture quality. For instance, Automatic Color Management compensates for the effects of aging. A screen diagnostic is automatically performed every 100 hours and the color balance is adjusted accordingly. Additionally, the Automatic Picture Control sensor continuously measures the ambient light in the room and adjusts the light output. This ensures you get the best viewing experience any time of day. The BeoVision 4 will also detect whether your walls are white or wallpapered to ensure the best possible picture, based on the actual conditions.

B&O understands the necessity for whole-home automation and AV control, so the Beo5 remote control will not only control the Beovision 4-103, it can be programmed to control a B&O AV system in addition to lighting, security systems, ventilation and drapes.

The Beovision is only available through authorized B&O dealers and like many B&O products, it's only for those that can afford a little excess. Starting at $93,000 for just the wall mount version, the fully operational version with the tricked out floor stand will set you back $111,805.

If you want to see the BeoVision4 in action, click here.