Tracking Surround: Björk CD+DVD

Volta Atlantic
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Personally, I found Volta itself to be tough sledding. But Paul Walton's imaginative 5.1 mix on the Limited Edition CD+DVD adds compelling dimensionality to Björk's adventurous sonic sculptures. On the amorphous "I See Who You Are," her voice ripples from front to rear, and a pípá springs from the sound field with alarming realism. The Timba­land-produced "Earth Intruders" is an overwhelming mélange of marching feet, burbling water, and thumping bass; my subwoofer was pumping as much air as a turbohairdryer. Likewise, "Declare Independence" impresses with its deep electronic pulses, random noise bursts, and vocals darting around the perimeter. The amazing singer Antony adds much to "My Juvenile" and "The Dull Flame of Desire," as he and Björk bob and weave enchantingly among the speakers. The packaging - with the CD and the DVD nesting in a series of colorful sleeves - helps make this edition special.

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