Tekton Design Impact Monitor Theater System Review Specs

IMPACT MONITOR: 6.5-in paper cone woofer (2); 1-in soft-dome tweeter (7); 10.125 x 24.5 x 13 in (WxHxD); 37.5 lb
3 TWEETER IMPACT MONITOR: 6.5 in paper cone woofer (2); 1 in soft-dome tweeter (3); 24.5 x 10.125 x 13 in (WxHxD); 37.5 lb
BRISANCE 12 SUBWOOFER: 12-in paper cone woofer; 500 watts RMS; line-level, speaker-level inputs; 17 x 28 x 21.5 in (WxHxD); 77.5 lb
Price: $5,350 (as reviewed)

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Tekton Design

Tekton Design

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Where are the measurements to back up the subjective reviews? It is extremely disappointing and sad to see the magazine that I have steadily supported since 1995 has eroded to the same level of many webzines.

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I was thinking to my self where are the measurements... then I read this comment.

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Sound and Vision's sister site (Stereophile) has already measured the Impact Monitors - here's a link to the measurements....https://www.stereophile.com/content/tekton-design-impact-monitor-loudspe...

not bad either.

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Nice to see that there's an actual review of these speakers somewhere.

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Yes, I'm also curious about the frequency range graph of these Tektons

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Interesting but I'm wary of spending money on cheaper made speaker components..
6 cheaper Tweeters vs. 1 real good Ribbon or Higher Tech Tweeter element..

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Double Impacts Full standing speakers hit the market in the spring of 2017. These monitors are Tektons concession that size unfortunately matters to the wife.
For those of my fellow readers who keep harping on measurements for speakers, please let me lead you to the true path of Knowledge. Room acoustics and placement will trump any measurement. I started reading Julian Hirsch speaker reviews (and all his cut and dry, no embellishment needed please reviews) on Stereo Review (S&V predecessor) in 1978. Even he would take issue of making measurements the determining factor in the evaluation of speakers. He would probably tell us, negotiate a home tryout with a 30 days exchange option on your purchase.

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Yes. It's true that measurements do not tell all and no one said it should be used as the only factor in determining speaker purchase. However, it is critical to see if a speaker, regardless of brand or pedigree, was soundly designed. Frequency response issues of a speaker will certainly be emphasized even more in a less-than-perfect room (which are all rooms unless professionally treated). How many times have we audio enthusiasts come across speakers from very established brands that were praised by many reviewers but that later turned out to be far from neutrality in both measurements and actual use in the home environment, no matter how well room treatment was employed? There is, perhaps, some truth in the late great speaker designer John Dunlavy's statement: No speaker sounds better than it measures.

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An audio magazine not measuring power and frequency response is akin to Road and Track not posting acceleration times and horsepower figures for cars. This is completely ridiculous. Like all great empires, they too will fall. It's been a nice run. I grew up with stereo review and the transition to sound and vision during all the years I put into audio. The good thing is I look forward to the new magazine that will displace them and capitalize on their mistakes...

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New magazine...not going to happen. Those days are over.

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Yea, probably a youtube channel or a facebook page now...

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I posted the Stereo Review link with measurements (albeit - for the mains not for the center and rears - although I believe the measurements will be very similar on the center channel as they're virtually the same speaker turned on it's side).

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Correction Stereophile not stereo review.