Stylish Samsung Streamer

For the price of other stand-alone Blu-ray players, it only makes sense to invest in Samsung's BD-P3600, which integrates streaming technology providing you a lot more bang for the buck. Streaming movies, TV, music and other content is without question the wave of the future,,,and the wave is only gathering up more water as a variety of new AV products are partnering with content providers.

As a Netflix subscriber you can stream thousand of movies and TV shows directly from your BD-P3600. Plus you have access to an unlimited supply of music from Internet radio stations around the world. Also, Pandora subscribers can use the BD-P3600 to receive all their personalized stations. With the BD-P3600, you can get off your computer and listen to music where it should be heard- the main entertainment room in your house. And that's not all. Catch the latest viral hit on YouTube as you browse for the most unique and unusual videos in the world, mostly from people just like you. The BD-P3600 will be capable of streaming virtually any content as Samsung develops relationships with additional content providers.

All this is possible because the BD-P3600 is WiFi enabled. Connect the included Wi-Fi dongle to one of the two USB ports and sync it to your home WiFi router. You'll want to have the internet access anyway for enjoying the special features of BB-Live content available on many new Blu-ray discs.

And yes, the BD-P3600 is first and foremost a Blu-ray player providing stellar 1080p images with a built-in Dolby TrueHD decoder and 7.1 channel outputs. The BD-P3600's high-gloss piano black finish, rounded corners, and slightly trapezoidal dimensions is a departure from ordinary, black boxes, too. It is currently available and sells for $379.99.