Sony XBR-55X900B LCD/LED Ultra HDTV Specs

Dimensions (WxHxD, Inches): 58.9 x 29.7 x 4.7 (without stand); 58.9 x 31.25 x 12.7 (with stand)
Weight (Pounds): 82.4 (without stand); 84 (with stand)
3D Glasses: 2 pair included, extras $50 each (TDG-BT400A)
Video Inputs: HDMI 2.0 (4), component (1, shared), composite (2, 1 shared), RF (antenna)
Audio Inputs: Stereo analog (2)
Other: USB (3), LAN, remote (IR In and Serial Control), ARC on HDMI 1, MHL on HDMI 2 and 4
Audio Outputs: Optical digital (Toslink), audio analog (minijack, sub/headphones)
Price: $4,000 (2 pair 3D glasses included)

Company Info
(877) 865-SONY

(877) 865-SONY

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Glad to read this review and my hunch was correct on the contrast level.
A few months ago, I have seen this TV at my local Best Buy Magnolia Showroom. They were demoing the same 4K source material that wowed Edward Norton. And what immediately struck me was the black levels!!

Even without direct comparison to the Panasonic ZT Plasma TV, I knew that it had finally reached the same amount of contrast ratio! Thank you, Edward for making my assumptions into reality!

These TVs are a forced to be reckoned with. It still shows, Sony is not ready to thrown down it's gauntlet, yet!

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Edward Norton the actor or Thomas J. Norton the reviewer?
BTW the Samsung UN55HU8550F got higher scores than this Sony TV.

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Is there any kind of audio-videophile charity one can access in order to buy these new TV's? At least Sony is not going the curved screen route. One must admit that the marketing on curved screens is pretty clever and the sets are set up such that it is pleasing to the eye. However, I would be hard-pressed to even accept one as a gift... but I'm sure I could rationalize accepting one. I have a 65" panny plasma currently and I give it another 3-4 years before I tire of it so I suspect the UHD prices will have dropped significantly by then.

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Earlier this year I was going to buy the 900A because I loved how good blurays looked on it. Then I heard that the 900B would be along soon. I figured the picture on it should be at least as good as the 900A and so I waited and finally pulled the trigger on May 31 and I was not disappointed. I got the 65 incher and do not regret the 5K price tag. The black levels are just as good as the Sony LCOS set that I bought back in 2006.

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