Sonos Speakers Now Work with AirPlay 2

Following up on a promise it made last fall, Sonos has announced that its newer speakers now support Apple’s AirPlay 2 wireless streaming platform.

“With AirPlay 2, you can effortlessly stream just about any sound from your iPhone or iPad to one of our AirPlay-compatible speakers,” Sonos said.

AirPlay 2-compatible speakers include the new Sonos Beam wireless soundbar, Sonos One smart speaker, Playbase TV speaker, and the second-generation Play:5 speaker — all Sound & Vision Top Picks.

With AirPlay 2, owners of Sonos-compatible speakers will be able to…

• Stream music from any AirPlay-compatible iOS app to Sonos and “unlock sound from a whole selection of content apps and services.”

• Use Siri on an iPhone or iPad to control Apple Music on Sonos. “You can tell Siri what to play and where to play it.”

• Use Siri to control a Sonos speaker or multiroom system and switch to Alexa voice control of Alexa-compatible speakers at any time.

• Watch videos on an iPhone or iPad with sound from a Sonos speaker or speakers.

• Listen via AirPlay 2 on a Sonos multiroom system that includes older non-AirPlay-compatible Sonos speakers as long as they’re grouped with one of the newer, AirPlay-compatible speakers in the Sonos app.

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