Silverline Minuet Speaker System and Pinnacle CS 66 Subwoofer Ratings: Silverline

Ratings: Silverline Minuet Speaker System

Build Quality: 89 Average
• Biwire posts, gold-plated, clad in clear plastic
• Vinyl-wrapped enclosures are a bit ho-hum

Value: 88 Average
• High-end sound for a moderate price
• Aesthetics are sub-par for price

Features: 89 Average
• Chinese-made silk dome tweeter
• Paper-fiber pulp cone woofer, large magnet

Performance: 93 Good
• Surprising bass from a small enclosure
• Big, clean midrange
• Unfatiguing highs

Ergonomics: 89 Average
• Small size, big sound—together, big advantage
• No keyhole or thread mount; must sit on something

Overall Rating: 90 Good
Silverline's Minuet is a disarmingly small and cute satellite that sounds as brawny as a bigger speaker and as well proportioned as a costlier one. If you've always dismissed small speakers as a compromise in performance, you'll be surprised how good five of these can sound.

General Information
Minuet Speaker System, $1,500/Five-Channel Set; $600/pair
Silverline Audio
(925) 825 3682