Silverline Minuet Speaker System and Pinnacle CS 66 Subwoofer Ratings: Pinnacle

Ratings: Pinnacle CS 66 Subwoofer

Build Quality: 90 Good
• Attractive high-gloss white or black finishes
• Heavy, solid enclosure
• Wire-clip terminals

Value: 89 Average
• Pinnacle subs tend to command a premium
• Unique design offsets high-ish small-sub price

Features: 95 Excellent
• Exploits room boundaries for stronger bass
• Unique shape
• Includes cable

Performance: 92 Good
• Provides stronger bass than size would suggest • Both aggressive and tuneful

Ergonomics: 98 Excellent
• Beauty and brains; a sub even non-techies will love
• Corner loading allows smaller, less intrusive form

Overall Rating: 92 Good
With the CS 66, Pinnacle proves that a sub expressly designed for in-corner placement can work well. The sub looks cool, doesn't bulk large, and may be the solution for those seeking a sub that doesn't hog space near the video display.

General Information
CS 66 Subwoofer, $895
Pinnacle Speakers
(800) 346-2863