Samsung’s Q950TS Series 8K TVs Ditch the Bezel

One of the more intriguing items in our earlier Samsung CES TV overview was the company’s new Q950TS Series 8K sets, which feature a “virtually-no-bezel” design. If you thought we were kidding, take a look at the picture above — seriously, these TVs have virtually no bezel.

Samsung dubs the new design “Infinity Screen” owing to the set’s ability to blend in perfectly with its background. As with previous flagship QLED models from the company, it will feature an external One Connect box to holds the set’s connections and supporting electronics. Other features include fine-tuned 8K AI upscaling via a Quantum 8K processor, full-array local dimming with local power distribution to efficiently distribute light on a targeted basis to zones requiring extra brightness, and object tracking sound.

Of course, the new Infinity Screen models feature Samsung’s Ambient Mode, and with no bezel to speak of, in this case the sets really will blend in with their surroundings.

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The problem with such small bezels is that it makes it almost impossible to actually handle the TV. I've almost had a heart attack a couple of times dealing with my LG C8 for this reason.