Klipsch Teams with McLaren on Performance Headphones

There are hundreds (thousands?) of different headphone models floating around Las Vegas at CES this week, but only Klipsch Audio is the official headphone partner of the McLaren Formula 1 Racing team, and the two brands have teamed up to produce three new headphones that not only have unparalleled quality, but also excellent design crafted from the finest materials for serious performance. And all models are accentuated with McLaren’s signature color: Papaya Orange.

Whether you prefer traditional over-ear or wireless in-ear models, Klipsch x McLaren has a design that not only sounds but looks fantastic.

The Klipsch x McLaren Over-Ear Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) model features luxury leathers and carbon fiber accents, with Papaya Orange highlights in the band stitching and earcups to indicate this isn’t an ordinary set of phones. They incorporate state-of-the-art dual-microphone noise-cancellation technology built to withstand even the loudest environments in the world; you know, like when you’re blasting down the road in a 720S with the top off. (Actually, probably a really bad time to be wearing noise-cancelling headphones TBH…) The ultra-plush memory foam earpads and a lightweight design are meant for all day comfort, with up to 30 hours of battery life to ensure your journey ends before your music does. Wireless listening is provided via Bluetooth 5 with SBC, APTX HD, and AAC supported. The included FlightCase for transporting the phones includes pockets for travel essentials and convenient charging.

If over-ear models aren’t your thing, the T5 Sport True Wireless might fit the bill. These are designed to stay dry and in place regardless of how intense your cardio sesh gets, with the dust and watertight case and phones rated at IP67. Beyond being able to recharge the phones, the included storage/charging case has a moisture removal system to keep the phones clean and dry. The kit includes six pairs of patented pressure relief, memory foam ear tips and three flexible “no-budge” ear wings to ensure a properly comfortable and secure fit. Four built-in mics, designed for easy hands-free chatting, hear every word as well as support the active noise cancelling. The 'phones have up to 8 hours of battery with another 24 hours provided by the charging case.

When you want fantastic sound in the smallest, lightest, and smartest platform possible, the Klipsch x McLaren T10 True Wireless Smart Earphone will be the call. These are tiny, looking like something a SEAL Team 6 member would wear when they are trying to blend in on an op, but delivering audiophile sound. They are significantly smaller and lighter than any other true wireless phone on the market and still deliver up to 6 hours of battery life. Beyond the high-quality audio delivered via miniature balanced armature design for increased dynamics and output, they include dual-microphone noise cancellation and voice control. In a place where you can’t use your hands or voice to control the music? Like when you’re hanging onto the wheel of that 720S? The T10’s include a built-in operating system with embedded artificial intelligence that can be controlled using advanced gestures, freeing a person’s hands to seamlessly accomplish tasks on the go. Plus, these phones go to 11, with a “Turbo mode” that activates a built-in headphone amplifier for increased headroom and dynamics if the outside noise gets to be too much.

All models will be available Fall 2020, at $549, $249, and $999 for the over ear, T5 Sport, and T10 Wireless respectively.