Reference CD Review: John Fogerty

Revival Fantasy
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John Fogerty has finally made the album that picks up where Creedence Clearwater Revival's last studio set left off. Don't forget, however, that CCR's last disc was Mardi Gras, the legendary turkey where the other guys started writing and the band went country. So imagine that Cree­dence had retrenched after that, with Fogerty taking back the reins for a new album. They decided they still liked the country direction and kept it around, at least for the first half. But they wooed back the fans by including a little of everything that worked before: a '50s raveup à la "Travelin' Band," a lot of swamp rock, a touch of the old psychedelic jamming, even a quintessential Creedence song called "Creedence Song." Result? Not another Cosmo's Factory, no, but a definite keeper - and that's what Revival is, 35 years later. Don't expect any surprises like the Ramones homage "She's Got Baggage" (from 2004's Déjà Vu All Over Again), just the first solo Fogerty album that lives up to his legend.

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