Pioneer Elite SC-37 A/V Receiver Specs

Audio Decoding:
Dolby: TrueHD, Digital 5.1, EX, Pro Logic II/IIx/IIz
DTS: DTS-HD Master Audio, DTS, ES, 96/24, Neo:6
Other: THX Ultra2 (cinema, music, games), additional THX modes combined with DPLII and Neo:6, Optimum Surround, ALC, Wide Surround (movies, music), Front Stage Sound Advance (focus, wide), Neural, XM HD, 13 DSP modes, phones surround, MP3, WMA, WAV, JPG
3D: Yes
THX Certification: Ultra2 Plus
Number of Amp Channels: 7
Rated Power (watts per channel): 140 into 8 ohms, 2 channels driven
Specified Frequency Response: 5 Hz to 100 kHz +0/–3 dB
Video Processing: Marvell Qdeo
Auto Setup/Room EQ: MCACC
Dimensions (W x H x D, inches): 16.54 x 7.87 x 18.11
Weight (pounds): 40.81
Price: $2,200

Inputs: Video: HDMI 1.4a (6), component video (3), composite video (5)
Audio: Coaxial digital (3), optical digital (3), 7.1-channel analog (1), stereo analog (6), phono (1)
Additional: Ethernet (1), iPod/iPhone-capable USB (1), IR remote (2), control (1)
Accessory: Adapter port (1), Sirius (1), XM Radio (1), AM (1), FM (1)
Outputs: Video: HDMI 1.4a (2), component video (2), composite video (3)
Audio: Optical digital (1), stereo analog (4), 9.1 channel preamp (1)
Additional: RS-232 (1), 12-volt trigger (2), IR remote (1), control (1)

Company Info
Pioneer Electronics USA
(800) 421-1404

Pioneer Electronics USA
(800) 421-1404

mrdragon4's picture

Where are the ratings for this review?

EWL5's picture

From the review:

"Pioneer’s second-generation implementation of ICEpower is on a par with the best conventional Class AB, producing excellent sound with far less waste of power."

SC-07 = 1st gen released in 2008
SC-27 = 2nd gen released in 2009
SC-37 = 3rd gen released in 2010

Is the ICEpower implementation identical b/w the SC-07 and SC-27 and the SC-37 is somehow different?

anakinskye's picture

You would think it would be the same but I've read the reviews each year and they seem to pick up 10-15 watts of power in the simultaneous power tests.

kent harrison's picture

This is best receiver i ever had,works just good as seperates.