Pioneer Elite SC-37 A/V Receiver Video Test Bench

Video Test Bench

Apart from a single failure (Analog Chroma Resolution), the Pioneer easily passed all of our standard video processing tests. The Digital Chroma Resolution was down slightly at the highest burst, but that’s a common shortcoming.

The Digital Video Clipping and Resolution tests were run with a 1080p source and the video processing set to 1080p, and also with the same source passed directly through the receiver’s switching circuits, bypassing the video processing (at least in theory). The latter is Pioneer’s Pure mode. The results were the same in both cases, including some visible rolloff in the highest Chroma resolution burst, with or without the bypass setting.

The Analog Video Clipping and Resolution tests were performed with a 1080i input. With rare exceptions, Blu-ray players will not output 1080p over component.—TJN

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Where are the ratings for this review?

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From the review:

"Pioneer’s second-generation implementation of ICEpower is on a par with the best conventional Class AB, producing excellent sound with far less waste of power."

SC-07 = 1st gen released in 2008
SC-27 = 2nd gen released in 2009
SC-37 = 3rd gen released in 2010

Is the ICEpower implementation identical b/w the SC-07 and SC-27 and the SC-37 is somehow different?

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You would think it would be the same but I've read the reviews each year and they seem to pick up 10-15 watts of power in the simultaneous power tests.

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This is best receiver i ever had,works just good as seperates.