Music: Work Du Fab Four

THE BEATLES: Love (Apple/Capitol). Mashups from the Cirque du Soleil show. Unavailable at press time, but billed as "first Beatles album in 5.1": CD+DVD-Audio!

JOHN: The U.S. vs. John Lennon (Capitol; 4-½ stars). Edgy songs from the doc. Also out: Give Peace a Song (Hip-O DVD), Sean Lennon's Friendly Fire (Capitol CD).

PAUL: Ecce Cor Meum (Angel/EMI; 3-½ stars). Melodic oratorio, in English. Also: The Space Within Us (A&E live DVD) and sings on Tony Bennett's Duets (Columbia CD).

GEORGE: Living in the Material World (Apple/Capitol; 4 stars). Remastered; two B-sides. Special Edition: bigger book plus DVD with live "Give," alternates.

RINGO: Posts video updates: And romps through "Sweet Little Sixteen" duet (4 stars) on Jerry Lee Lewis's Last Man Standing (Artists First).

OLD TRIBUTE: The Baroque Beatles Book (Collectors' Choice; 4 stars). Witty '65 takes by Joshua Rifkin. Cameo: singers led by Audio mag's Edward Tatnall Canby.

NEW TRIBUTE: Butchering the Beatles (Restless; 1-½ stars). Is right! Mostly '80s metal refugees. Better: Emmanuel Santarromana's Fab4Ever (Pschent/Wagram).

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