Logitech's Squeezebox Touch

Apple's iPhone and iTouch have certainly been game changers when it comes to touch screen control. Logitech has updated their Squeezebox WiFi music player with a color touch screen and called it the Squeezebox Touch. Of course, there is much more to this new model than just a fancy screen.

Not all homeowner's, especially DIYers, want or require a complex multizone system. The Logitech Squeezebox Touch is a wonderful low-cost, alternative method for providing simple and intuitive access to a wide variety of music choices including free Internet radio, personal digital music files and music subscription services such as Pandora, Rhapsody, and Sirius.

The 4.3" color screen is used to easily select and play music, plus you can view album art. The unit supports sampling rates of up to 24 bits at 96 kHz for playback of full resolution files regardless of format. It's easy to setup, simply plug in the Squeezebox Touch to your existing stereo system, connect to your home network and you’re ready to rock. It includes a USB port and SD card slot on the back for access to music and photos stored on flash drives and memory cards.

An optional wall-mount bracket lets you put your Squeezebox Touch where ever you like – near the stereo, in the kitchen, the hallway, on the coffee table –wherever you're more likely to use it the most. When using the Wall-Mount Bracket, power cord and speaker wires can be run inside your walls for a more pro look, preventing cords or cables from dangling off your Squeezebox.

The Squeezebox interface was designed for speed and convenience. The redesigned menu system, makes it even easier to choose from a variety of applications to enhance your listening experience. Just use the touch screen to quickly locate your favorite radio stations, playlists, and music services.

For Facebook fans, you can share music recommendations, as well as check out your friends’ statuses, recommendations, and full-color photos right on the new Squeezebox screen. Photo slide shows from the popular photo-sharing site Flickr are also supported.

The Squeezebox Touch should be in stores in time for Christmas with scheduled delivery set for December '09 at an MSRP of $299.99.