Integra DHC-60.5 Network A/V Controller Test Bench

Test Bench

Analog frequency response in Direct mode:
–0.04 dB at 10 Hz
–0.01 dB at 20 Hz
–0.02 dB at 20 kHz
–0.14 dB at 50 kHz

Analog frequency response with signal processing:
–0.12 dB at 10 Hz
–0.04 dB at 20 Hz
–0.16 dB at 20 kHz
–38.53 dB at 50 kHz


The above chart shows the frequency response of the left (aqua), center (green), LFE (purple), and left surround (red) channels at the preamp outputs of the Dolby Digital decoder. The left channel measures –0.01 decibels at 20 hertz and –0.10 dB at 20 kilohertz. The center channel measures –0.00 dB at 20 Hz and –0.07 dB at 20 kHz, and the left surround channel measures +0.00 dB at 20 Hz and –0.05 dB at 20 kHz. The LFE channel, normalized to the level at 40 Hz, is +0.05 dB at 20 Hz, reaches the upper –3dB point at 96 Hz, and reaches the upper –6dB point at 116 Hz.


There was no multichannel input to measure. The analog THD+N was less than 0.012% at 1 kHz with a 100-millivolt input and the volume control set to 84.5. Crosstalk with a 100-mV input was –93.20 dB left to right and –95.18 dB right to left. The signal-to-noise ratio with “A” weighting was –127.11 dBrA. —MJP

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jnemesh's picture

I HATE (with a PASSION) this trend! "Let's make a box with a ton of features, but sounds like crap!" ENOUGH! If you are spending $2000 on a pre-amp/processor, shouldn't it SOUND GOOD? Onkyo/Integra has been sliding down the slippery slope the past few years...tacking on features, and paying next to NO attention on their sound quality. I would recommend taking a pass on this one...HDBaseT and 4k upscaling is nice, but if you are buying separates, you should at least get something that sounds better than the competition's AVRs!

WisePatman's picture

Reviews should be used as a guide not as Gospel. I'm not sure what was wrong with his system, but this reviewer got it very wrong. I have been in the high-end audio video business since the 70's, including owning a well respected retail business as well as hosting a radio talk show on the subject. I have also been a studio engineer since the 80's actually creating and mixing audio. I tested both the 60.5 pre-pro and the receiver. The sound is so good from both that I purchased the receiver for my own 11.2 system and have recommended the units for others. It never ceases to amaze me that folks comment on reviews so passionately without ever hearing the stuff for themselves. Shame on you if you have done so.

loop7's picture

I moved away from Integra after numerous unsuccessful tweaks and procedures with the DHC-80.2 to achieve a more gentle sound. I was continually either fatigued with the Audyssey XT32 correction or frustrated by a drab and confused sound with direct modes. Like others, I felt like I was wasting a great amp (NAD T955) with the Integra. As popular it is in the lucrative custom installer market, I think Onkyo has lost touch with the end benefit of pleasurable listening and focused on endless specs and features.

I'm currently enjoying Pioneer Elite but very tempted to try Marantz.

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This review is why I have remained a fan over all these years. Occasionally your magazine (now including the Sound and Vison staff)reviews a product that does not get glowing and raving reviews; this just proves that you are doing your jobs by providing consumers unbiased and professional journalism. Thank you.

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My Integra 80.2 and the newer 80.3 are excellent. So when I saw the review in Sound & Vision I expected the sound would be terrific with lots of new wireless connectivity options.

Instead what we find is they shortcut the audio design. Why? What were they thinking. At least the Editor asked the reviewer to check a second sample to confirm that the original unit was not defective. Then to give it to the best tech guy they have and he concurred.

Bad job Integra. Your reputation is going down hill fast.

For a preamp, sound quality is first, connectivity is third and flexibility is second. Bad...bad...bad.

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Re-read the article, the second guy did not concur. In fact he found the sound "brighter". And the reviewer said

"He further compared the DHC-60.5 to the front-end pre/pro section of the new Marantz SR7008 receiver and found both Integras to be distinctly brighter in character, though he was not able to spend enough time to fully compare the more subtle aspects of the DHC-60.5’s sound that I heard in my extended auditions."

That's code for "he did not hear what I heard"

I have tested both the receiver and pre-pro and they sound amazing. Vastly better than any Pioneer Elite or Marantz pieces I've tested. The 60.5's are delicate, dynamic, and make even mediocre speakers sound good. You with your "bad bad bad" comment without ever hearing the units are just describing yourself.