Escapes: A Little Old, a Little New

Photos William Psolka,

The owners of this house were building their dream home, with the expectation of fully integrated systems throughout the house, which would include 12 televisions, multiple zones of music, a dedicated theater, interior and exterior lighting, security, and more. This kind of complex whole-home project is nothing new to Electronics Design Group (EDG), of Piscataway Township, New Jersey. However, the challenge here was that the house was over 100 years old and was being rebuilt to keep its early 1900s aesthetics.

A Savant control system effortlessly integrates 16 zones of audio and 12 HD video sources distributed throughout this 9,000-square-foot residence. Eight terabytes of RAID storage and Luxul wireless networking gives the client a wide range of entertainment options.

With respect to the theater, the client had a strict budget. So, to ensure the full theater experience, the design had to be very concise. Ongoing or progressive design changes were not an option. The homeowners wanted a theater that wouldn’t require massive upgrades every few years.

The finished theater looks and sounds a lot more expensive than the established budget. It took tight communication and collaboration with all the trades to stay within the inflexible budget and still get the performance of a high-end theater.

The theater’s centerpiece is an Elite Screens 125-inch fixed projection screen coupled with an Epson Pro Cinema projector. The 7.1-channel sound system consists of Klipsch Theater Series speakers along with a Klipsch 18-inch subwoofer, an Integra networked A/V controller, Crown Power amplifiers, and Savant iPad and iPhone control.

The success of this project can be attributed to the collaborative effort between the architect, all the various trades, and the client. The high level of integration throughout the home is reliable and easy to use. EDG reports that its meticulous design and hard work were ultimately reflected back as high client satisfaction—always the end goal.

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