Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 5020UBe 3D LCD Projector Specs

Type: Three-chip LCD
Native Resolution: 1920 x 1080
3D: Yes
Rated Lamp Life: Up to 4,000 hours (Normal); up to 5,000 hours (Eco)
Dynamic Iris: Yes
Lens Shift: Horizontal/Vertical (manual)
Dimensions (W x H x D, inches): 17.7 x 5.4 x 14.2
Weight (pounds): 16.5
Price: $3,000 (2 pair 3D glasses included; replacement lamp: $300; extra 3D glasses: $99/pair)

Inputs: Video: HDMI 1.3 (2), component video (1), RGB HD15 (1), composite video (1)
Additional: RS-232 (service, 1), 12-volt trigger (1)

Company Info
(562) 290-5174

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Can Thomas please post the calibrated settings on this page like they did for the Epson 8350 review? I used those settings in my theater for the 8350 and they were spot on. I now have the 5020UBe and would like to know what he changed the settings to.



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Settings for the Epson PowerLite 5020UB3 3D LCD projector have been posted.
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your new 5020UB to your 8350. I'm considering the same upgrade. I have a VAPEX 106" 1.1 gain screen and may move up to the 120" at the same time.
I do like the 8350, but yes, the black levels are not great. OTOH, I don't have a comparison.

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Don't even bother. Every time I ask Tom something he rarely, rarely will reply.

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Guys, we'll get these up shortly. Check back in a day or two!
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To Mr. Sabin and Mr. Ankosko, thank you for taking the time to post the setting used in the review. Can't wait to try them out today. All the best.


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Purchased this unit 3 years ago, both temp and bulb light flash now. Took it to an authorized repair center. Epson says to send it in, cost about 900.00 to possible fix it. What a disappointment after spending good money on a unit that lasts 3 years. They tell me average life span on the unit is 3 to 5 years max. Anyone have similar? Maybe Epson units are not worth buying??