DIY Woodworker

I'm the owner of a small cabinet shop and decided to built this attractive and highly functional entertainment center in my home. All the woodworking throughout the room is mine (except for the chairs). It's all made from Alder that is finished in honey stain with a sable glaze. While it may look like wall paper, the wall treatment is a faux finish.

All the components are hidden from view behind the right door of the entertainment center. All the drawers are designed to hold CD's or DVD's. Behind the left door is a Nintento Wii game console. Behind a door flanking the center speaker is an an ozone generator to deodorize the room. The center section was perfectly cut to house a Sony SXRD 60" rear projection TV.

The speakers were all built by me from kits produced by North Creek Music Systems. Unfortunately, they are no longer in the business of producing kits for the DIY market, but their products were absolutely outstanding. The subs use 12" drivers from TC Sounds with 2" of excursion powered by individual 500W amps. I got a bit carried away there as they will crush your head if they are turned up anywhere past about 25%. I make my guests feel right at home with another cabinet I build for the guest room that houses just a TV and another pair of North Creek Speakers.

We're cigar smokers so we added an area with a raised table (which I built) and chairs. The four circular objects on the ceiling are inlets to a very large exhaust fan that removes the smoke. The TV is perfectly positioned for those sitting at the table, and the height allows them to see over people seated in the theater seats. Whether in the rear area or the cushy theater chairs, this room has provided my family and friends many hours of wonderful entertainment.

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