BenQ HT4050 3D DLP Projector Review Settings


Input HDMI 1
Picture Mode Cinema Rec. 709
Backlight N/A
Contrast 34
Brightness 54
Color 42
Tint 50
Sharpness 1
Color Temp Warm
Flesh Tone 0
Motion Enhancer Low
Lamp Power Smart Eco
Lamp Hours 104

Gray Scale Adjustments

Red Gain 99
Green Gain 99
Blue Gain 95
Red Offset 252
Green Offset 251
Blue Offset 251
Noise Reduction 7
Color Enhancer 0
Pixel Enhancer 8

Primary Color Adjustments

Red hue 22/8
Red saturation 19/7
Red gain 22/2
Green hue 15/1
Green saturation 19/4
Green gain 19/8
Blue hue 16/8
Blue saturation 20/3
Blue gain 23/8

Secondary Color Adjustments

Cyan hue 23/3
Cyan saturation 17/9
Cyan gain 21/1
Magenta hue 14/7
Magenta saturation 18/2
Magenta gain 23
Yellow hue 15/0
Yellow saturation 18/9
Yellow gain 18/9

Gamma Selection Adjustment

Gamma 2.3

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