Bedroom Theatre

We recently remodeled our master bedroom to accommodate a fairly high end home theater/audiophile AV system. Since we're as much into great music as great films, we designed the system to provide optimum playback for both. We spend most our time either viewing movies or listening to music, so the bedroom is now our main living area.

The 7.1 surround sound system features a pair of B&W 802Ds and a B&W HTM1D center channel for the LCR array. Two B&W 803’s power the side channels and two Definitive Technology Mythos Super Towers provide sound for the back rear channels. The subwoofer is an 18” Velodyne DD18BG and all are powered by a 7-channel x 300W Lexicon ZX-7 amplifier coupled with the awesome Lexicon MC-12HD Surround Processor. Literally topping it all off is a Pioneer Elite Pro150FD 60” plasma monitor. Electronics that we need to access, along with the B&W center channel, are housed inside the custom designed cabinet. Additional electronics were placed inside a smaller rack behind the cabinet.

Input sources include a Dish Network VIP 622 DVR HD satellite receiver, an Oppo BDP-83 for Blu-rays and DVDs, plus an upgraded/modified (by Reference Audio Mods) Sony NS 9100 ES that plays CDs and SACDs. I kept an 'antique' DUAL turntable for the records I still have around.

Acoustic panels placed throughout the room significantly enhance the overall sound experience. Although the system is optimally balanced for the two leather chairs in front, it nevertheless provides an incredible viewing/listening experience from the bed, too.

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The durability of this product is Pokemon Infinite Fusion impressive. It can handle the rigors of daily use without showing wear and tear.