Aperion Audio Novus 5.0.2 Speaker System Review Test Bench

Test Bench

I conducted several in-room measurements using the Parts Express Omnimic measuring software and microphone. Though the results from this $300 package are not as precise as might be obtained from more expensive test gear, it can provide a usefully accurate in-room response of a speaker at the chosen listening seat when used carefully. The results shown here are for my room. All of them were taken at the single, seated ear position, not an average of several positions. (Previous experience has shown that an average of several readings in my room, taken across a span of about 2-3 feet, differs little from the single position apart from smoothing out small ripples.) For all curves, red is the left speaker, blue is the right.—TJN


Fig.1A: The response of the Novus towers at the seating position used for movies (about 11-feet from the plane defined by the left and right speakers). The subwoofers were engaged and both the high- and low-pass filters were set to 80 Hz.


Fig.2A: The response of the left and right Novus towers, without subwoofers, at the closer listening position used for music listening (about 9-feet from the plane of the left and right speakers).


Fig.3A: The same as Fig.2A but with the subwoofers engaged.


Fig.4A: The left and right front Novus A5 immersive audio modules as reflected from the ceiling and measured at the movie listening seat (same as in Fig.1A).
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