Test Report: Klipsch HD Theater 600 5.1 Speaker System Page 5

Bottom Line

The question that Klipsch’s amiable theater-in-a-box system begs is this: What kind of listening do you intend to do? Music aficionados may glean slightly more refined and possibly even more extended reproduction by directing their $600 toward a carefully chosen pair of larger bookshelf or even small-tower speakers — including several from Klipsch. (No knock on Klipsch: The same is true of most HTiB systems in this price range.) But it’s a different matter if you seek general-purpose playback, and want “big sound” from very small boxes on movies and music alike. Honestly, the best way to approach Klipsch’s HD Theater 600 one-box system may be to set it up, balance it carefully over a period of days (or weeks) on music, movies, and TV sound — and then forget it. Resist the temptation to constantly fiddle with subwoofer level, or satellite toe-in, or aiming. Let the little Klipsch system disappear, and you will enjoy surprisingly powerful movie sound and, by mass-market standards, eminently full, balanced, and dynamic musical playback. All for a very modest investment in both cash and floor space.