Sony XBR-65A8H OLED Ultra HDTV Review Settings


Unit-to-unit sample variations, the viewing environment, and the source might render these recommendations less than optimum. They are only provided as a potentially useful starting place.

The settings here that are most likely to translate reliably from one sample to another are those involving specific features with only a few selections, such as Gamma and Noise Reduction. The ones most likely to be subject to sample variations are video controls offering a wide range of adjustment, such as white balance or grayscale (Adv.color temperature on the Sony) and color management (Per color adjust on the Sony). Even relatively small differences in the common control settings, such as Contrast, Black level, and Gamma, can shift the white balance, though the resulting visible change may be minor or undetectable.

We strongly recommend that you find the optimum basic video settings for your sample by using one of the many available display setup discs, such as DVE HD Basics (Blu-ray) or the Spears & Munsil UHD Benchmark (for 4K/HDR). These will help you to set the basic controls, Black level, Contrast, Sharpness, and sometimes Color and Tint, correctly. Experimenting with the more complex color calibration and other controls in the user menus will do no harm; the changes may be easily reset. But adjusting these by eye is unlikely to produce an even close to accurate result and is no substitute for a full calibration. The latter is best left to a trained and properly equipped technician such as those certified by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) or THX.

Picture modeCustomCustom
Auto picture modeOffOff
Light sensorOff---
Advanced settings
Contrast: 9292
Gamma: -2 0
Black level: 5050
Black adjust: OffOff
Adv. contrast enhancer: OffOff
Peak luminanceMediumHigh
Color: 5050
Hue: 00
Color temperature: Expert 1Expert 1
Adv. color temperature

2-point not used (SDR and HDR)

10-point (SDR and HDR)*

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Red offset 0 0 0 1 1 3 0 0 -2 1
Green offset 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0
Blue offset 0 0 0 -3 0 0 0 0 0 0
Live colorOffOff

Per color adjustment (SDR and HDR)*

Hue2 -3 0 0 7 -7
Saturation-3 -8 0 0 -5 -9
Lightness0 0 0 0 0 5
Reality CreationOffOff
Random Noise ReductionOffOff
Digital Noise ReductionOffOf
Smooth gradationOffOff
Video options
HDR modeAutoAuto
HDMI video rangeAutoAuto
Color spaceAutoAuto

* The Adv. color temperature and Per color temperature controls are set in the initial HD/SDR calibration. The Sony then adjusts these settings (whether calibrated or in their factory settings) using internal look-up tables to provide an optimum result for Ultra HD and all forms of HDR. Do not attempt to alter these controls manually for UHD/HDR. Nothing will be harmed by doing so, but your changes will reflect back onto the SDR settings, degradin the HD/SDR calibration and providing unpredictable results.

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Your review did not mention any offering of HDR10 Plus on this set, but I presume it has it because last year's model did. This is an advantage over the LG, which stubbornly does not offer it, and is one reason I would recommend this set over the LG. I presume also that the panel itself on this set is still made by LG, which was also not mentioned. The only difference is in the electronics applied to the panel.

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He mentioned watching Harry Potter and Tangled in HDR10 on page 2.

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Call me unreasonable, but my 75 inch Sony Z9D is sitting on a stand that's about 50 inches wide. Fortunately, I bought it before every TV manufacturer decided that every TV needs a soundbar sitting in front of it and therefore the legs need to be pushed all the way to the side (although the TV being reviewed isn't as bad as most sets now). Sony was nice enough at that time to let me spend $8000 on a TV without having to spend hundreds more on a stand to match the width.

I wasn't so lucky when I was shopping for a TV to replace a 43 inch Sony that was in my office that got zapped by a power surge. There wasn't even a 40 inch TV that was available that would fit on the stand I was using, so I moved a 40 inch TV from my guest bedroom to the office - one less TV sold.

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How is ergonomics a category for rating a 65" TV that sits on a stand/wall??? Like....what is there about the ergonomics of a TV that you don't touch that could be worth providing a rating for? The remote control???

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There's more to a set's ergonomics than merely its physical design. That includes, among other things, how the remote works and feels, how the menus are laid out, and ease of calibration.
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Thanks for the reply!

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How do these sets do with motion and how does it compare to the LG? I don't read much on OLED motion handling. Is it because it's a non issue?

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The lack of HDMI 2.1 inputs I feel is a bad decision by Sony especially with the PS5 on the horizon. I have several gamer friends and they all say they're waiting for OLED sets with 2.1 for the variable frame rates it supports. As for HDR10+, the fact that it's a Samsung product almost guarantees that it will never be supported by Sony or LG. I for one would never consider buying a Samsung until it supports Dolby Vision. Speaking of supports, I have to agree with AlecS about these ridiculously wide stands/legs. I also own a 75" Z9D which sits comfortably on a 36" wide stand with room to spare.

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S&V should do a blind comparison between the "bes"t LCD and OLED 4ks.

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It's a compelling option for those seeking top-notch picture quality without breaking the bank.

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Explore a comprehensive review of the Sony XBR-65A8H OLED Ultra HDTV, delving into its performance, features, and overall user experience. Discover how this cutting-edge television sets new standards in picture quality and viewing pleasure.