Sonos-Certified AV Receivers Now Available from Onkyo, Pioneer, and Integra

Onkyo USA has announced that the “Works with Sonos” firmware update for more than two dozen AV receivers from Onkyo, Pioneer, and Integra is now available.

Announced in mid-May, the certification program ensures compatibility with the Sonos App and that receivers carrying the “Works with Sonos” badge connect seamlessly with the Sonos stable of products and instantly wake when a connected Sonos system is activated.

Onkyo has 12 Sonos-compatible AVRS: the TX-NR585, TX-NR686, TX-RZ630, TX-RZ730, TX-NR787, TX-RZ830, TX-RZ920, TX-8270, TX-RZ1100, TX-RZ3100, PR-RZ5100, and TX-8260.

Pioneer’s Sonos-compatible models are the VSX-933 and six Elite models — the SC-LX901, SC-LX801, SC-LX701, VSX-LX503, VSX-LX303, and VSX-LX103.

Integra has 11 Sonos-compatible AVRS: the DRX-3.2, DRX-4.2, DRX-5.2, DRX-7.1, DRX-R1.1, DRC-R1.1, DTM-7, DTM-6, DRX-7, DRX-R1, and DRC-R1.

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