Seen at CEDIA 2010

At this year’s CEDIA Expo, held in Atlanta at the end of September, I felt that the mood on the show floor was decidedly upbeat. The positive vibe exuded by many suggested that the worst of the recession is over and that business is actually starting to pick back up.

As if to prove this, the Expo drew a slight increase over 2009’s numbers, with nearly 21,000 installers and a total of 453 exhibitors on hand. Perhaps most promising was that nearly 20% of the attendees and 90 exhibitors were first-timers, showing that the industry — and the Expo — continues to bring in new blood. CEDIA CEO Utz Baldwin commented, “The steady booth traffic, the increase in exhibitingcompanies, and the number of new attendees are all early indicators that our industry is poised for a resurgence.” I totally agree.

While the Expo also offers installers significant educational opportunities to help stay on top of their game, it’s all about the show floor for me. That’s where I look for the trends and themes that point to where the industry is heading — at least for the next few months, until CES comes along in January. Here are some of the top items that caught my eyes and ears at this show, my 12th CEDIA.