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Regaining Control
There actually was some non-iPad-related controller news at CEDIA. Kaleidescape is targeting a new demographic with its new, brightly colored “Children’s Remote.” This $39 remote lets even the youngest users access movies that parents have added to a “Kid’s Collection.” And now you don’t have to worry about Junior breaking the iPad!

Philips Pronto also bucked the iPad trend by releasing its first-ever in-wall touchpanel controller: the new 3.5-inch, QVGA-rez TSW9500 ($799). This panel offers the same programming flexibility and ProntoScript module usage as other Pronto remotes, but also gives customers a fixed-control option.

Control4 demonstrated its new Infinity-Edge 5-inch ($599) and 7-inch ($899) in-wall touchscreens, which feature a striking edge-to-edge capacitive glass design. Also cool is the panel-to-panel intercom capability ($499 license), a new feature for Control4.

Branching out way beyond just manufacturing control systems, URC has introduced its Total Control product line. With this move, URC hopes to transform itself from a home theater remote control company to a whole house control company. The new MRX-10 ($700) advanced network system controller ties multiple subsystems together, including whole house audio, lighting, climate control, IP-based surveillance, relays, contact closures, and more. Also new are URC’s aggressively priced MS-1200 ($600) and MS-780 ($250) 2-way Wi-Fi controllers, and the DMS-1200 ($2,200) multizone and DMS-100 ($600) single-zone amplifiers.

Panamax demonstrated a new Zigbee “Wireless BlueBOLT” product that can help owners keep track of energy consumption and historic cost on a per-appliance basis. With these modules spread throughout a home, homeowners can not only protect their appliances but also remotely manage and check up on them.

While maybe not as sexy, Lutron introduced a new phase-adaptive dimmer for its automated HomeWorks QS and RadioRA 2 lighting systems. These new dimmers automatically adapt to lighting load type and can control multiple loads, including ELV, MLV, Incandescent, dimmable CFL, and LED. All that means you won’t have to change your switch and programming if you change your bulb!