Samsung to Ship World's First 8K TV Oct. 28

The next chapter of television technology is upon us. Samsung has started taking pre-orders for the 85-inch Q900 8K QLED TV it unveiled at the recent IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin and showcased at last month’s CEDIA Expo in San Diego.

The $15,000 TV, which displays four times more pixels than a current generation 4K/Ultra HDTV, is slated to ship Sunday, October 28.

The Q900FN, which S&V’s Tom Norton said “looked stunning” in CEDIA demos, features an enhanced version of Samsung’s LCD-based QLED technology. The Q in QLED stands for quantum dot, a backlight technology that uses a more precise method to generate the red, green, and blue light that makes up a video image than the process typically used in standard LCD displays.

The set has a rated peak brightness of 4,000 nits, supports the new HDR10+ high-dynamic range (HDR) format, and uses proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) processing for upscaling lower resolution images to 8K, regardless of the source.

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its still too early and too expensive for most consumers to upgrade to 8k tvs but i am surprise that this 8k led-lcd tv can output up to 4,000 nits of brightness. That is awesome. This is probably the first if not one of the first consumer tvs to be able to do that.

this 8k set probably use the current hdmi 2.0 which probably means to get 10 or 12 bit 4:4:4 8k60p, it requires 4 hdmi 2.0 connections to do so. So beside the price tag and lack of 8k sources, one need to use up 4 hdmi connections to watch 8k videos.

so, this 8k tv is aim at very rich people who are early adopters of tv electronics.