Revel PerformaBe Surround Speaker System Review Specs


F226Be ($7,000 PR): 6.5 in Deep Ceramic Composite aluminum cone woofer (2), 5.25 in Deep Ceramic Composite aluminum cone midrange, 1 in Beryllium dome tweeter with acoustic waveguide; 9.8 x 41.3 x 13.7 in (WxHxD); 58 lb.

C426Be ($4,500) 6.5 in Deep Ceramic Composite aluminum cone woofer (4), 5.25 in Deep Ceramic Composite aluminum cone midrange, 1 in Beryllium dome tweeter with acoustic waveguide; 38.6 x 10.4 x 14 in (WxHxD); 61 lb.

M126Be ($4,000 PR) 6.5 Deep Ceramic Composite aluminum cone, 1 in Beryllium dome tweeter with acoustic waveguide; 8.3 x 15.2 x 10.3 in (WxHxD); 22 lb.

B110V2 ($2,500) 10 in coated paper/pulp cone; 1,000 watts RMS, 2,000 watts peak; stereo line-level (RCA) and balanced XLR inputs; gain control, 50-150Hz low-pass crossover with LFE bypass, single parametric equalizer, Extended or normal operation, 0 and 180-degree phase settings, 12V triggers with Auto, On, or trigger-activated turn-on; 14-5/16 16 x 16-7/8 x 13-7/16 in (WxHxD); 58.3 lb.

PRICE:  $20,500 (as tested)

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Seems like Revel tends to roll off the bass extension of their speakers, with the assumption that people will use subs. If you don't use subs, will the F228Be offer enough bass extension to be used without a sub?

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It seems to me that would be the case if he had to turn the bass down to -6, as he commented that this system seems to exaggerate a bass push. Were the speakers appropriately broken in? I have to ask because I wouldn't expect to have to make that kind of downward bass adjustment to top of the line Revels.

While I can understand using middling audio equipment on one hand, it seems to me the review might have been more telling had he used more price appropriate equipment. To me, I don't think you're going to pair a B bucket amp and a Marantz preamp to a $20k speaker system. I would have chosen something like an AVR 60 and the Parasound A51, which together gets you Anthem's award winning room correction. And I think is much better than what he used. With that in mind, you wouldn't have had to contend with an inferior Audyssey, which may have played a factor in the review. I didn't get a real sense of speaker greatness until the surprise at the end. Based on what I read, there would be no way I would pluck down $20k for that system- no way.

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Revel's Be226 are actually a fairly priced, considering they are true hi-fi speakers. However the subs are overpriced considering their performance level. Additionally the Be126 are overkill for surround speakers, as such your observations on replacement subs and surrounds are completely valid.

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Time for TJN or AG to review the Performa top model F328Be :-) ......

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Most speakers of this size have difficulties in providing deep bass in a very large room. As noted in the review, when it comes to the bass extension and uniformity, the room is at least as important as the speaker. The larger Revels might have done better here, but since one or more subwoofers are nearly always part of a home theater system, a savings of $3000 in the system price will be a welcome tradeoff for many buyers.
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TJN or AG could review the Revel Performa F328Be and the NAD M33 together, and evaluate whether the built-in Dirac Live of M33 can modify/enhance the bass frequencies of the F328Be, without the assistance of separate subwoofers, in their listening rooms :-) ........

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There are several things wrong with this:

#1: I'm doubtful that this sub driver can stand a kilowatt for very long. Almost no sub driver can. Also, even with a ridiculous amount of excursion, it's very doubtful that it won't be surpassing it's Xmax with just 400 watts. Why all the extra power?

#2: A single 10" driver doesn't have enough total air displacement to create truly great bass. You need at least four 12" subs to create truly great bass in a normal sized room.

#3: For all of it's expense: it offers no technology that improves it from any 10" sub you can purchase for 1/4 the cost. There's no DSP, room correction or servo feedback control. It's a stupid, 10" sub. That is absurd.

At $2.5K, it's a total rip-off.

I have for four Rythmik L12 servo subs. They cost me about $2,200 and would annihilate this box in every metric.

I'm sure that the other speakers are quite good. Harman and Revel should be ashamed, though, for offering this sub.

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and made in China? No thanks!