New Self-Powered Wireless Controller Aims to Simplify Smart Home Control

Berlin-based Senic has announced a self-powered wireless controller that aims to simplify the smart home experience by providing one-click control over Sonos speakers, Philips Hue lighting, and other smart devices.

Dubbed Nuimo Click, the controller comprises two rocker buttons mounted in a small square enclosure that can be attached a table, wall, or any surface. It’s powered via energy harvesting so there are no cables to connect or batteries to charge: Every time one of its buttons are pressed, the device collects, stores and ultimately converts tiny amounts of power into kinetic energy that facilitates wireless communication up to 100 feet away.

With Sonos speakers, you can control play, pause, and skip functions or access a favorite playlist. The Click can also be used to turn Philips Hue bulbs on and off as well as control brightness and color.

“Nuimo Click is the next step on our journey toward making smart home simple and accessible for anyone,” said Senic CEO Tobias Eichenwald. “When we designed Click, we made sure that it would be a real expression of how smart home technology could meet industrial design. We wanted every detail to be really thoughtful from the quality of the surface finish to the energy harvesting technology [and including the ability] to place it anywhere…without the need for complicated installation or charging of antiquated batteries.”

The Nuimo Click Starter Kit ($229), comprising a hub and two controllers, is slated to ship in December. Add-on switches will be available in black or white and sell for $69 apiece. Up to 10 Nuimo Clicks can be connected to one hub.

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