Music: From The Sublime to the...Perfume?

I've said it once in these pages, and I'll say it again: SANTANA's self-titled third album, a.k.a. Santana III (gatefold below), is the best thing they've ever done. Columbia/Legacy has reissued the 1971 album once, and now they've done it again, making it a two-disc Legacy Edition. The first CD includes three unreleased studio tracks; the second disc presents the band's Fillmore West gig on that Fourth of July in its entirety for the first time. It's a "timeless creation" that will "arouse your senses" - oh wait, that's the ad copy for Carlos Santana's Eau de Toilette Spray! Ah, how the mighty have ... fragranced. True, 10% of profits does go to charity. But if you're looking for other musical creations from the '70s, check out these single-disc Expanded Editions from Legacy: Boston's Boston and Don't Look Back, Cheap Trick's Dream Police and All Shook Up, Mott the Hoople's All the Young Dudes and Mott, and the Electric Light Orchestra's No Answer and ELO II (more ELO to come).