KLH Model Five Loudspeaker Review Test Bench

Test Bench

The results shown here were conducted in my room using the Parts Express Omnimic measuring software and microphone, taken at the main listening seat about 10 feet from the speakers with the latter on their included stands and angled in to directly face the microphone.

All the measurements were taken at the single, seated, ear-level position. (Experience in my room has shown that an average of several readings, taken across a span of about 2 feet, differs little from the single-position measurement apart from smoothing out small ripples.) All curves here are 1/6th octave smoothed and are for the Model Fives alone with no subwoofer.—TJN 1021klh.KLH-5-Fig.1

Raw in-room response in the left (red) and right (blue) channels with no equalization (Audyssey EQ, tone controls, or graphic EQ).


Left channel only, with no room EQ (red) and with Audyssey room EQ activated only under 300Hz (blue). Note that the responses overlap perfectly above 300Hz (250Hz, actually), confirming that, as intended, the Audyssey EQ response corrections are all below that frequency.


The in-room responses of the left (red) and right (blue) channels with Audyssey room EQ engaged below 300Hz.

KLH Audio

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