Japan’s RME Premium Recordings Embraces MQA

RME Premium Recordings, a label owned by Synthax Japan that specializes in live hi-res recordings, is the latest label to embrace the MQA music format invented by Meridian founder Bob Stuart.

The label has started encoding its catalog in the MQA format, with several albums now available for download at e-onkyomusic.com and hiresaudio.com including Shintaro Mieda’s Orqauesta de la Esperanza, Claudio Monteverdi: Vespro della Beata Vergine, and Ky’s Désespoir Agréable.

At an event last month attendees listened to a comparison of the recording “Bint el Shalabiya” in WAV and MQA. Artist Maki Nakano (Ky saxophonist), who was in attendance, said: “I definitely prefer MQA because it reproduces exactly the sound I felt in my head, through my ears and in my bones, at the time of recording the music.”

“When listening to the MQA versions, we’ve noticed that the sound contours are crisper and there is a heightened sense of depth,” said Synthax Japan’s managing director Seiji Murai. “We are confident music lovers will enjoy this high-quality listening experience.”

“Our aim is to recreate the magic of the original performances and I’m particularly thrilled that one of their artists endorsed what MQA stands for, which is ‘master quality authentication’,” said MQA founder & CTO Bob Stuart.

MQA music is now available at e-onkyomusic.com, hiresaudio.com, onkyomusic.com, 7digital.com and 2l.no.


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