Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 5010e 3D LCD Projector Specs

Type: Three-chip LCD
Native Resolution: 1080p
3D: Yes
Rated Lamp Life: 4,000 hours (normal)/5,000 hours (ECO)
Dynamic Iris: Yes
Lens Shift: Horizontal/Vertical
Dimensions (W x H x D, inches): 17.6 x 5.6 x 15.6
Weight (pounds): 18.4
Price: $3,299

Inputs: Video: HDMI 1.4 (2), component video (3), RGB HD15 (1), composite video (1)
Additional: RS-232 (1), 3.5mm minijack (1), External 3D IR Port (1)

Company Info
(800) 463-7766

(800) 463-7766

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Hi, I have been waiting for the review of this projector for a while and I must say I am a little disappointed. I just bought the Epson 5010, and was looking forward to checking out your settings like you normally post on every projector review. But not this one. Is there a specific reason? Because I would very much like to see it.

Thank you.

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Not sure what you're talking about here; the settings are posted.
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Excellent review

How many feet away were you sitting from the 120" 16x9 screen.
Was the lens wide open or at the mid point.
Nice to know some one is more critical about uniformity and gray scale.
Do you feel the more expensive projectors from Sony and JVC justify the additional cost when using 120" size screens and larger. Im coming from the perspective of high end audio. Epson's products do seem to have a lot of variation in their quality control. When you get into 3500 and 4000 price range is the prformance more consistent?