Screen Included with Epson Short-Throw Projector

The new LS-500 short-throw 4K Laser Projection TV system Epson introduced at CEDIA Expo 2019 includes an ambient light rejecting screen designed to work in "virtually any viewing environment."

Available in black or white, with either a 100- ($4999) or 120-inch ($5999) screen, the projector uses Epson's signature 3LCD technology rather than the more typical DLP found in most consumer short-throw designs. With a rated brightness of 4000 lumens (both white and color), it's specified for high dynamic range (HDR) though is limited to Rec.709 color.

3D fans will be ecstatic to learn that the LS-500 is also 3D compatible using optional active 3D glasses.

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Current list of UST 4k Laser projectors:
Xiaomi Mijia ($2,000), VAVA ($2,550), OptomaX P1 ($3,300), LG HU85L ($6,000), and now Epson LS500 line up with screens included in the package ($5,000 & 6,000).
A showdown is highly unlikely to happen, but we want one.
The likely shakedown in picture quality will correspond to pricing.
LG in first place for video, but way too expensive for the market without a screen. Second place will be a close one between Optoma P1 and the Epson LS500. The Optoma will likely drop in price within six months making it the better choice. Lagging at the rear in picture quality are the VAVA and Xiaomi Mijia, with VAVA slightly edging the Xiaomi. However as world wide sales are concern the Xiaomi Mijia is already running away from the pack, just on China sales alone.
*I will likely go for the Optoma P1 and match it with a XY screen 120" Pet Crystal ALR screen, but Epson's LS500 may sway me though.
Showdown, please.