Wolf Hosts Stellar Demo at CEDIA

Wolf Cinema put up some of the best projected images of CEDIA 2019 in demo featuring a 160-inch-wide, 2.2:1 Enlightor Neo acoustically transparent screen from Seymour-Screen Excellence and impressive sound system courtesy of Audio Excellence.

Its TXF-4000 MK II projector ($40,000, laser-lit single-chip "wobble" 4K DLP) is available with eight lens options. Pricey, yes, but impressive with the right source material. When I visited on the first day they were playing a rock number with so-so video at too-loud levels (common at CEDIA where many attendees rate sound quality on how loud it can get!).

But when I returned the next day they were playing a video of Brahms' Symphony No. 2 with stunning 4K video and superb sound. I wish the performance was available on a 4K Blu-ray, but unfortunately it isn't. There's a DVD of it, but as far as I could find the only way to get it in 4K with high quality audio is through the Kaleidescape Store for download onto a Kaleidescape movie server.