Elac Uni-Fi UB5 Speaker System Review Specs

UB5: 5.25 in aluminum cone woofer, 4 in aluminum cone midrange with concentric 1 in soft dome tweeter; 7.87 x 12.75 x 10.75 in (WxHxD), 16.5 lb
UC5: 5.25 in aluminum cone woofer (2), 4 in aluminum cone midrange with concentric 1 in soft dome tweeter; 18.75 x 7.87 x 10.75 in (WxHxD), 23.3 lb
S12EQ: 12 in doped paper cone woofer; 12 in passive radiator; 500 watts RMS, 1,000 watts peak; LFE in, RCA; 17 x 17 x 17 in (WxHxD), 49.1 lb
Price: $2,047 (UB5, $499 pr; UC5, $349; S12EQ, $700)

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(714) 252-8843

(714) 252-8843

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I was not expecting the sub to measure this good. Impressive.

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Wowsers - the Uni-Fi line and SUBEQ put up some pretty nice measurements. The built-in correct is great but honestly, my $500 sub with receiver-based Auto-EQ sounds amazing so I'd probably save the money.

As a proud owner of the pioneer line (with an upgraded 12 inch 300 watt sub), I can't help but notice that all of AJ's speaker lines have been relatively inefficient (they certainly love my beefy RZ-800 more than the old Yamaha).

Still its hard to accept that each step up is "better". I'd love to know how the speaker lines differ subjectively and objectively, as well as where the value "sweet spot" is. With the Pioneer Elite line on sale lately (with atmos!), I am tempted to step up. But the Pioneers really responded to my new Onkyo, so it is hard to think that spending 4X more is going to be 4X better.

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