Denon AVR-X1200W A/V Receiver Review Test Bench

Test Bench

This graph shows the AVR-X1200W’s left channel, from Audio1 input to speaker output with two channels driving 8-ohm loads. Measurements for THD+noise, crosstalk, signal-to-noise ratio, and analog/digital frequency response were all within expected performance parameters.

0.1% THD 1.0% THD
2 Channels Continuously Driven, 8-ohm Loads 112.8 watts 126.1 watts
2 Channels Continuously Driven, 4-ohm Loads 139.2 watts 164.3 watts
5 Channels Continuously Driven, 8-ohm Loads 69.9 watts 78.8 watts
7 Channels Continuously Driven, 8-ohm Loads 47.4 watts 57.9 watts

The Denon does not upconvert; the resolution at its output is the same as the resolution at its input. It also produced a Borderline result in rolling off the highest frequency horizontal chroma response test burst, which was barely visible when viewed from close to the screen.—TJN

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If Mark had really, really done his homework he would know that the Denon 910 blows the 1200 away and costs less. The Denon 2200 did cost $200 more than the 910 with a few better features. Wake up Mark, Denon saw their screw up. 1200 now priced below 910 & 2200 now just $20 above 910. Get serious, do your job!!!

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i just picked up the newer 1400H,

quick question, IF i BI-AMP the front L/R channels

in 5.1 action sequences would my L/R be receiving 94.8w?

also how much power would the receiver be pushing when listening to music in Stereo?

thank you