Denon AVR-X1200W A/V Receiver Review Specs

Power Output: 7 x 80 watts (8 ohms, 2 channels driven)
Auto Setup/Room EQ: Audyssey MultEQ XT Silver
Video Processing: 4K passthrough, 60 Hz, 4:4:4, HDR
Dimensions (WxHxD, Inches): 17.1 x 5.9 x 13.3
Weight (Pounds): 18.75
Video Inputs: HDMI 2.0a (6), composite video (2)
Audio Inputs: Optical digital (2), stereo analog (2)
Additional: Wi-Fi antenna (2), Ethernet (1), USB (1), AM (1), FM (1), IR (1)
Video Outputs: HDMI 2.0a (1), composite video (1)
Audio Outputs: ¼-inch headphone (1), subwoofer (2)
Price: $599

Company Info
(201) 762-6665

(201) 762-6665

hifijohn's picture

If Mark had really, really done his homework he would know that the Denon 910 blows the 1200 away and costs less. The Denon 2200 did cost $200 more than the 910 with a few better features. Wake up Mark, Denon saw their screw up. 1200 now priced below 910 & 2200 now just $20 above 910. Get serious, do your job!!!

maclgallant's picture

i just picked up the newer 1400H,

quick question, IF i BI-AMP the front L/R channels

in 5.1 action sequences would my L/R be receiving 94.8w?

also how much power would the receiver be pushing when listening to music in Stereo?

thank you