Definitive Technology Demand D15 Speaker System Review Specs


D15 tower ($3,398/pr.): 5.25-in carbon-fiber cone woofers (2), 8-in passive radiators (2, sides), 5.25-in polypropylene cone bass-midrange with waveguide, 1-in aluminum-dome tweeter; vented enclosure; 9x40.8x12.9 in (WxHxD); 52 lb.

DC5 center ($799): 2x5.25-inch cone bass-midranges with waveguides, 1-inch aluminum-dome tweeter; sealed enclosure; 19x6.5x11.2 in (WxHxD); 24 lb.

D9 bookshelf ($859/pr.): 5.25-inch cone bass-midrange with waveguide, 5x9-inch up-firing passive radiator, 1-inch aluminum-dome tweeter; vented enclosure; 6.5x11.7x11.9 in (WxHxD); 17 lb.

Price: $5,056 (as tested)

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Definitive Technology

Definitive Technology

drny's picture

I've owned Def Tech speakers since the 90's. The Demand series is a step back for the brand. I listened to the Demand 15 a few months prior to the Covid Shut down, and they fall far short of Def Tech previous top of the line Mythos STS and ST-L towers. Both of which I've owned. Def tech is going the way of Lifestyle products. Soon the humongous BP bipolar powered towers will also be replaced. I hope Goldenear (now owned by AudioQuest) will not suffer the same fate as Def Tech. Sandy Gross truly gave us affordable high end quality speakers.

Dealzguy18's picture

Into becoming a meh generic looking speakers, not tech uniqueness but still stupid high prices. The BP and Mythos range in late 2000 and early 2010s were pinnacle of their engineering. Now Sandy left GE also, let’s see what happens.

davidrmoran's picture

These are described as vented systems, which is not quite right (there is no port, so far as I can tell), but the chief problem is that it is redundant, since that is what the passive radiators do: replace the slug of air in the port. Same thing, in other words. Saying they have PRs and are also vented is like saying your car has wheels with tires and also rolls. Or something similarly silly.

As for talking about the the PRs being "side-firing," that is misleading, to put it politely. They do no such thing, being passive, and that might be really flummoxing to a new consumer, as SGross always liked to intend.
Firing is in any case the wrong implication for *active* radiators too, since what such drivers do is best described as *facing*. Forward-facing, rearward-facing, etc. They *fire* in directions other than forward. (Meaning they radiate.)