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Once we got the speakers suitably broken in, Jimmy and I sat and listened to some demanding programming. Jimmy suggested the new DVD release of Pink Floyd's The Wall, and it sounded like a good enough idea to me. The 5.1 soundtrack is simply marvelous and really pushed

the system. (It would probably challenge most "normal" systems, especially at high decibel levels, but it didn't strain this one.) The great thing about the BPVX/Ps is how well-matched they are to the rest of the system. The rear of the room really came alive, as you could instantly hear the bass being transmitted to the rear channels. You really do miss a ton of information without a good loudspeaker to filter in the signal. Most people simply have minimonitors as their surround speakers. In the case of Dolby Pro Logic, you aren't missing much. However, with the new 5.1 soundtracks, it's pretty amazing what's back there.

We also checked out some newer soundtracks like Disney's Tarzan, which also rocked the room. Again, we were both amazed with the clarity and tremendous force with which these speakers moved the home theater's air. Particularly, Phil Collins' opening song with all the jungle drums really impressed us. The thunder crashes, the tiger's roars, and the music all combined into a very impressive crescendo that filled the entire room with brute force. The BPVX/Ps provided a presentation that really made home theater fun again.

On DTS 5.1 music material like Sting's Ten Summoner's Tales, the BPVX/Ps also excelled. Since much of the musical information in this recording features vocals in the rear, it was a great test. As vocals shifted from one speaker to the next, there was virtually no shift in tonality, making for a very coherent presentation. In fact, I loved these speakers so much that I'm definitely going to replace my existing surround speakers (which will go unnamed) with these guys.

For those of you without any electrical power in the rear of your home theater, Definitive also offers a nonpowered version called the BPVX, which costs $549. It offers the same basic design, minus the built-in amplifier. Both the powered and nonpowered versions are available in gloss piano black and white finishes, so you can customize the look of your room appropriately. For those of you with AC outlets in the rear of your room (or who want to call your trusty electrician), these speakers are definitely worth auditioning. They will do as much for you as the good old yeyo did for Tony Montana. I promise.

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