CD Review: Chris Cornell

Carry On Suretone/Interscope
Music •••• Sound ••••
Am I the only one in the room who thinks this guy's career got sidetracked by Audioslave? Granted, Revelations had the band going out on a high note. But Carry On has Chris finally doing exactly that - from his solo set of 8 years back. And despite opening with typically Cornellian lines ("I saw a world that was beautiful / But the rain got in and ruined it all"), here's the CD that deserves the title Euphoria Morning. From the hard rock of "No Such Thing," the bright pop of "Poison Eye," and the fresh Stones of "Your Soul Today" to the genuine soul, this Steve Lillywhite-produced/aerated music is a new dawn indeed. "It's my turn to write / I put this hook inside so you won't soon forget." Hooks galore, plus that ace Casino Royale cut and That Voice, still undiminished.

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