Baetis Audio Revolution II Media Server Specs

Hard Drive: 120 GB internal SSD; optional 240G SSD
Compatible Playback Formats: All known formats for both video and audio
Compatible Encoding Formats: All known formats for both video and audio
Interfaces: Ethernet cable (2 RJ-45 ports), Wi-Fi receiver with dual antennae, USB2.0 and 3.0
Playback Resolutions: up to 384kHz and 32 bits for audio, up to 1980 x 1200 video
Connections: USB2.0 (4) USB3.0 (2 rear, 2 front), HDMI (2), DVI, BNC-SPDIF, Toslink SPDIF, analog center/subwoofer speaker out, rear speaker out, line in, line out, mic input
Dimensions (HxWxD): 9.5 x 10 x 4 in
Weight: Approximately 11 lbs without external PSU or storage drive
Price: $2,995

Company Info
Baetis Audio

Baetis Audio

dancjodanc's picture

Does anyone know if the Revolution II can be turned off or on through a 3rd party controller, like iRule? Does it have IP control? I see the on/off button on the front, I just wanted to know if you had to physically turn it off and on with the button every time, or you could program it like you would other components in your system?

jjster6's picture

3000 bucks for less functionality that a $500 Mac Mini. No thanks. I can't believe you guys don't see right through these things.

MapleTenor's picture

For a classical fanless PC - standard mini motherboard used in all these cases- you can have four of these for the price of the Baetis.
It'll perform very well, but is definitely overpriced.

rdumi's picture

I have one of this and I can say they are totally worth the price. For sure, not everyone can afford it but if you are thinking of getting one you won't regret it.
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