Zu Audio Cube Speaker System Test Bench

Test Bench

Satellite Sensitivity: 99 dB from 500 Hz to 2 kHz


This graph shows the quasi-anechoic (employing close-miking of all woofers) frequency response of the Cube Mk1-A satellites (purple trace). The passive loudspeaker was measured at a distance of 1 meter with a 2.83-volt input and scaled for display purposes. No grille was provided.

The Cube Mk1-A’s listening-window response (a five-point average of axial and +/–15-degree horizontal and vertical responses) measures +2.27/–6.87 decibels from 200 hertz to 10 kilohertz. An average of axial and +/–15-degree horizontal responses measures +3.03/–6.42 dB from 200 Hz to 10 kHz. The –3dB point is at 310 Hz, and the –6dB point is at 231 Hz. Impedance reaches a minimum of 6.14 ohms at 609 Hz and a phase angle of –40.77 degrees at 137 Hz.—MJP

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