VooMote Zapper Universal Remote Control Specs

Available Finishes: Black, White, Gray, Green, Pink, Navy, Red, Blue
Dimensions (W x H x D, inches): 1.5 x .5 x 0.25 (height with 32-pin connector: 0.75)
Weight (oz): 1
Price: $70

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Billy's picture

Problem is that you need to always carry this little doohinkie around.It would be easy to misplace. Maybe Apple should add an IR Blaster. I think the Samsungs already have this, even the Galaxy Media Players and the tablets. Might put Logitec out of business, though.

Rob Sabin's picture
Actually a good idea; they have wi-fi control for networked products already and bluetooth communication; a simple imbedded IR blaster (at the top of the phone) would make this app an elegant solution that requires no appendages and properly orients the phone for other uses. Who knows what havoc that might reap on battery life, though.
corbey's picture

I'm the sort of person who would enjoy programming this device. In fact, I already have several RC apps on my iPad that I can use to control all my networked devices, except the Oppo blu-ray player. They work fine and are fun at first, but I'm finding that I usually just reach for my Harmony One for most everyday tasks. It's easier and faster.

The exception is for devices that have a display that is too small to read from a distance, such as the Logitech Squeezebox Touch. Then it's easier to use an app to pick the music you want to hear or to change the function.

Interesting review. Thanks.

Rob Sabin's picture
Funny, I've had mixed results using the manufacturer developed apps for various receivers and what not -- they seem to lose sync with the network or the device frequently and need to be rebooted from scratch. But the one thing I can say for any app-based remote is that you can pick them up and work them in the dark. That's true of a Harmony One or any touchscreen-based or display-based universal as well, but considering the low cost of these things they do solve a pretty key problem for dark room viewing.
Stanman98075's picture

I wish it would have worked. My Vizio TV wasn't in their database, and the device absolutely would not learn the IR codes for it. No problem with other devices.