Upscale Sonos Store to Open in NYC

As part of a major restructuring, Sonos is opening its first retail store in the trendy Soho section of New York City tomorrow (July 19).

Located at 101 Greene St, the company calls the upscale store 101G and says its mission is to “inspire people with home audio” and celebrate New York City’s rich musical history. You might call it the antithesis to traditional retail spaces like Best Buy.

“We built it from the ground up to physically display and embody our sincere belief that better sound makes a better home,” Sonos wrote in the company blog. “We built 101G like a friend’s house, not like a retail store. Sure, it’s a friend who is way into great sound, home design, and has speakers in every room. But then again, that’s a fairly accurate description of us.”

The store has seven ultra-modern soundproofed listening rooms, each appointed with custom designed with furniture and artwork and acoustically tuned by sound engineer Giles Martin, son of the late George Martin. Visitors are encouraged to interact with the Sonos products set up in each space.

“We designed the spaces with studies, kitchens, and living rooms, letting you hear great sound on everything from home theater systems to turntables in the proper context,” Sonos said. “We couldn’t cover the walls in fiberglass panels or awkward pieces just to improve the sound. Instead we had to use the tools of home design to get the best possible audio. So we filled the space with bookshelves and woven rugs, our favorite pieces for improving acoustics in any home.”

Watch this video from the Sonos Blog:


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