Upscale Outdoor Entertainment

Outdoor speakers have been around for decades but the main difference today is who’s making them. Some of the finest loudspeaker manufacturer’s are using their unique technologies and sound signatures to elevate outdoor audio performance to a whole new level of design, reliability and high-impact sound. With the recent integration of video screens and LCD TVs into the outdoor environment, it’s conceivable to build a state-of-the-art home theater directly under the stars that will rival your indoor theater. With A/V this good, you may never go back inside.

StarGlas is a glass rear projection black screen material formulated to offer unsurpassed contrast levels in sizes up to 126" x 204". A diffusion layer is sandwiched between two pieces of glass, which protects it from virtually any damage, moreover, it can withstand all weather conditions and is unaffected by extreme temps. More than a projection screen, the StarGlas' Class II Safety certification allows its use as an architectural element such as a wall, ceiling or floor, where images can be projected. Perfect for passive 3-D applications, StarGlas is ready for this latest home theater craze, which will take your outdoor entertainment to a whole new dimension, plus identical gain and color matching allows for multi-screen applications.

PARADIGM 60-SM, 80SM ROCK MONITORS ($299 and $449 each, respectively)
Rock speakers are the perfect camouflage in a garden, however, when coupled with Paradigm’s exclusive Dual-Direction Soundfield technology, a single speaker can cover a super-wide 20’ arc, filling your outdoor entertainment area with lush, deep sound. Position multiple speakers for the broadest soundfield possible and eliminate the sound imbalances that occur with only a stereo pair. Paradigm provides a variety of installation options depending on size and configuration. Using textured faux-stone finishes of sandstone, fieldstone and granite, these full-range loudspeakers disappear into your garden, patio or pool area. The sealed enclosures provide self-draining channels and were designed to be resistant to water, UV sunlight and all types of weather.

The Atrium Garden Speaker system is comprised of the two, 3.5” Sat30 speakers and a single Sub10 subwoofer. This full range speaker system is capable of reproducing high quality sound with the same depth and purity you’d expect from an indoor speaker system. The Sat30 can be easily hidden or camouflaged with a variety of installation options such as mounting to a wall, hanging from a patio enclosure or staked into the ground The keyhole slots on the 10” Sub 10 allow it to be locked down to a patio deck, and with the terra cotta coloring it blends right into the outdoor environment.

SUNBRIGHT 5510HD All-Weather Outdoor LCD ($6995.00)
This 55” Full-HD 1080p LCD TV with 120Hz refresh rate is built for permanent outdoor installation, incorporating an all-weather corrosion-resistant, powder-coated aluminum exterior that protects the internal components from rain, moisture, dust and insects. A multi-fan airflow system keeps it cool in temperatures up to 122F and a thermostatically controlled heater keeps it functioning in temps as low as -24F. Ships with a water-resistant detachable speaker module, though it’s removable when using an external speaker system. Control port allows integration with whole home automation systems.

Expose the AW6500 and AW550 speakers to the most extreme elements and they will continue to deliver high performance sound due to the fully sealed design using non-resonant, air and water tight Polystone enclosures. Additionally, a special drainage channel prevents water build-up around the input terminals. The unique shape and integrated mounting brackets allow for a full 360-degree rotation for unlimited placement flexibility. Low-end performance is impressive due to the use of a planar low-bass radiator, especially with the AW6500’s sightly larger driver and radiator. Both models are available in black or paintable white.

This 42" LCD HD screen (1080p native resolution) features light-rejection glass with Runco's proprietary Vivix internal processing to deliver incomparable performance for an outdoor setting. A wide viewing angle of 178 degrees allows a wide field of view to account for varied seating positions. Engineered for maximum durability using a sealed aluminum cabinet, the CX-42HD is protected from all adverse environmental conditions including excessive temperatures, exposure to moisture, dust, oils, and intermittent direct water spray. Sleek styling and Runco's renowned image reproduction, ensures year round enjoyment. Supplied ports allow for compatibility with home automation systems, game consoles and web surfing via computer.