UltraViolet to Arrive This Summer

Buy it once, play it on any device: That's the promise of UltraViolet, a cloud-based computing scheme. While the Consumer Electronics Show was in full swing this month, it was reported that UltraViolet is launching this summer.

As we've previously reported, this is a big deal. UltraViolet will let you access content you've paid for once across multiple platforms including TVs, PCs, gaming consoles, smart phones, and any kind of computer.

Starting this summer consumers will be able to register purchases of movies and TV shows, then play them on up to a dozen devices via a cloud-based content locker. The UltraViolet logo will appear on compatible disc packaging and devices.

The scheme, under the aegis of the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem, has the support of most major studios, TV makers, and cable systems. Notable holdouts include Disney, which is working on its own cloud-based initiative called Keychest, and Apple.

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