Throw Your Anchors Away!

I've spewed countless compliments upon this movie, or more accurately the DVD, in the print magazine over the past year, and like a good consumer my fondness eventually gives rise to the question, "What else can I BUY?" Not all of my favorite movies have Star Wars in the title, and some (Die Hard, The Hunt for Red October) have yielded precious little tie-in merchandise, and so when an unusual product like the Old Century Master and Commander game is released, I am compelled to take note.

Based of course on Fox's Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, which was apparently also a "book" or something, this strategy/adventure board game (actually, it's played upon a beautiful cloth map) comes packed in an exquisite wooden sea chest along with period-authentic die cast metal ships, wood dice, and an hourglass timer, naturally. The family-friendly game will last about an hour the first time, learning the rules and all, as naval battles, the boarding of enemy ships, and repairs to your own vessel are recreated, with wild cards like the weather affecting the outcome each time.

This is indeed an heirloom-quality keepsake that will serve as a conversation piece on the coffee table even when not in use, flaunting a level of craftsmanship seldom seen these days. But don't just take my word for it: Click on the link below for a closer look. The $100 limited edition is also joined by a less fancy, less expensive "Bookshelf Edition," for the Russell Crowe fan on a budget.